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Introducing FCPD – a captivating pictorial journey showcasing the history of the Fort Collins Police Department, featuring an extensive collection of timeless photographs dating back to 1974. Get up close and personal with the brave men and women who have served the community, with many of the officers featured in the book still working to uphold safety and security in Fort Collins today.

Alongside these remarkable photographs, FCPD also includes press clippings and compelling narratives detailing key events and unforgettable moments in the department’s rich history. The images featured in this book were handpicked from a personal collection of photographs taken over the years, giving readers an exclusive glimpse into the lives and experiences of those who have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting.

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Mayor Ray Martinez 1999 – 2005… A Photographic Story

Embark on a nostalgic journey with “Mayor Ray Martinez 1999 – 2005…a photographic story”, The captivating pictorial tale of Ray Martinez’s term in office as the esteemed Mayor of Fort Collins, CO. This treasure trove of photographs showcases the highlights and accomplishments during his three terms, leaving a lasting impression on the community he so passionately served.

The legacy of his service continues as he dedicates this book to Alzheimer’s research and support, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to the well-being of his fellow citizens. It is a remarkable tribute to a dedicated leader whose vision has guided the city through its most pressing challenges, reminding us of the enduring impact he has made and the significant role he has played in shaping Fort Collins.

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The Teachings of Jesus

There is very much written about what Jesus says throughout the New Testament. So I captured some of the key topics and expounded on what Jesus specifically has to say. Some of my personal thoughts and experiences are interwoven into the topical stories that concerned me and have an impact on my life. The list of topics seems endless, but I’ve carefully chosen the most common questions and themes that people ask about. From my perspective, simplicity equals transparency. “I’m not moved by what I see, but I am moved by what is in the hearts and minds of people,” I think. Consequently, I’ve chosen to simplify the message without diving too deep. While quoting scriptures, I’ve used the NIV version of the Bible, unless otherwise noted differently.

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PhotoRays by Ray Martinez

PhotoRays Eye-Capturing Fast Shots

Join Ray Martinez on a captivating visual journey through his cherished memories with “Ray Martinez’ collection of favorite photographs”. From the luscious landscapes of Puerto Rico to the bustling city streets of Cleveland, OH, and the charming beauty of Fort Collins, CO, this collection features a breathtaking variety of picturesque sceneries and unforgettable moments captured through Ray’s lens.

Each photograph tells a unique story, reflecting the vibrant diversity of people, cultures, and places that have touched Ray’s life and heart. This collection is a celebration of his boundless curiosity and passion for exploration, inviting you to experience the world through his eyes, making it a true treasure for anyone seeking to be transported to different corners of the world.

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Ray's Personal Biblical Notes by Ray Martinez

Ray’s Personal Biblical Notes… Opportunities to Grow and Ponder…

Delve into the enriching world of spiritual exploration with this compilation of bible study notes meticulously prepared for weekly sessions every Wednesday morning. Through a dedicated review of various references, commentaries, and personal reflections, these notes serve as a testament to the divine inspiration that has fueled a lifelong journey of faith and discovery.

Each entry is imbued with God’s timeless wisdom, offering a treasure trove of insights and life lessons that never fail to inspire and enlighten. While the notes may appear brief, they are potent triggers for engaging discussions and deep introspection. Encouraging readers to embrace the brevity as an invitation for profound contemplation, these notes are a testament to the transformative power of scripture and the personal revelations that accompany it.

Highlighted verses and phrases serve as poignant reminders of the significance of the word, inviting others to join in exploring divine truths and personal revelations.

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Are You leading?: A Reference Guide For Leaders

Leadership is a multifaceted concept that demands a wide range of skills and qualities for true effectiveness. Essential components of leadership include independent and critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and taking responsibility for one’s actions. However, these skills alone don’t guarantee great leadership.

This book offers a comprehensive guide to leadership techniques, covering essential qualities and skills in a simple, easy-to-read format. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to improve their leadership abilities and become more effective. As you read, you’ll realize that many of these concepts are familiar, but we often need a reminder to put them into action.

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Growing Daily

“Forty Days and Forty Nights” was born from a moment of inspiration during a lunch meeting with Dr. Luke, where a profound commitment to daily learning took root. This project emerged from a simple yet unwavering belief that each day should only end with acquiring new knowledge or insight.
Citing David Neenan’s poignant words, “Power doesn’t come from what we know—it comes from what we need to learn,” the idea of creating a daily journal of inspiring thoughts on Christ and the bible was conceived. This serves as a platform to share personal insights gained on a spiritual journey, hoping to inspire others to embark on their own path of self-discovery and growth.

The aspiration is to learn 365 new things about the bible every year, creating a compendium of wisdom and understanding over time. With a prayer for divine inspiration daily, this forty-day journal is just the beginning of a continuous journey to carry on for as long as possible, guided by faith and a thirst for knowledge.

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The Truth About Marijuana by Ray Martinez

The Truth About Marijuana; America’s Snake Oil

Clarifying the misconceptions surrounding the medicinal use of marijuana is of paramount importance. Sadly, some are misled and misunderstand its genuine benefits. However, it is crucial to distinguish between individuals who utilize marijuana for legitimate reasons and those who abuse it. Those who approach marijuana with a sound rationale and belief in its efficacy for their specific needs deserve recognition. Whether its effects are truly therapeutic or simply a placebo effect, remains uncertain to many.

In “The Truth About Marijuana” by Ray Martinez, a comprehensive and revealing expose, the public is presented with essential information about the reality of marijuana. Martinez highlights the reasons why legalization should not be supported, as it can lead to rampant misuse and abuse. Drawing parallels with the historical context of “snake oil,” wherein bottles of miracle elixirs were peddled as a universal cure-all, Martinez sheds light on the resemblance between these deceptive practices and the exaggerated claims made about marijuana today.

Just as snake oil failed to live up to its extravagant promises, society needs to approach the current “snake oil” of the twenty-first century with skepticism, particularly when it comes to claims of marijuana’s ability to cure ailments ranging from minor pains to cancer.

By bringing forth this crucial information, “The Truth About Marijuana” highlights the necessity of a discerning approach to the topic, ensuring that individuals are equipped with accurate knowledge that can promote genuine healing and wellness in the long term.

Just Another Opinion by Ray Martinez

Just Another Opinion

Experience the thought-provoking collection of opinions penned by Ray Martinez in his captivating book, “Just Another Opinion.” This compilation showcases Martinez’s published works, a tapestry of diverse topics and themes that range from local issues to state and national subjects. As a complement to his previous book, “Saturday’s Opinion,” the writing process for these stories proved challenging and enlightening.

Within the pages of “Just Another Opinion,” readers will encounter a range of perspectives that might strike a chord within the community. Some opinions may be critical of particular positions or values that Ray boldly expresses, while others serve as catalysts for deeper contemplation and meaningful dialogue. These stories have the power to engage readers, inspiring moments of reflection and discussion as they seek to uncover potential solutions to the complex matters at hand.

“Just Another Opinion” invites readers to embrace the power of diverse viewpoints and encourages respectful exploration of differing ideas. Delve into the pages of this thought-provoking book and embark on a journey that challenges conventional thinking, stimulates meaningful conversations, and fosters a quest for innovative solutions.

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From Darkness to Light by Ray Martinez

Mai Tran: From Darkness to Light

Uncover the exceptional story of Mai Tran’s journey from darkness to light, beginning with the fall of Saigon and his escape from Vietnam. As one of the many boat people who fled the country, Tran’s resilience and determination become immediately apparent. His experience is one of perseverance, bravery, and hope, demonstrated through his trials of hiding in secluded jungle areas, floating on a small unstable vessel, and ultimately boarding the Skyluck ship with thousands of fellow refugees for six unforgettable months—finally finding freedom in the United States.

Mai Tran’s journey of unwavering passion is captured in his own words, recounting a life once rooted in a tightly-knit family with political ties to South Vietnam. His decision to leave behind everything he knew and loved was not easy, with the prospect of never seeing his family or country again looming heavily on his mind. However, it was clear that to preserve his family’s cultural heritage, he needed to escape and search for a new life, a new beginning. Despite the challenges ahead, Mai remained steadfast in his commitment, never wavering in the face of unknown danger and hardship.

Through his inspiring story, Mai Tran reveals the power of the human spirit in its ability to overcome unimaginable obstacles and achieve greatness. A testament to hope, courage, and the unwavering will to survive, his story reminds us all of what is possible when we refuse to give up, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

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Jesus Said by Ray Martinez

Jesus Said

Discover a thought-provoking exploration of Jesus’s teachings in a fresh perspective with “Reflections on the Words of Jesus.” In this engaging book, critical verses from the New Testament are carefully selected, accompanied by the author’s reflections and experiences related to these impactful passages. By delving into the verses that resonate profoundly and hold personal significance, the author aims to ignite a renewed thought process within readers, encouraging them to recognize the profound presence of God in every aspect of life, even during the hours of sleep.

This captivating collection goes beyond the conventional interpretations of Jesus’s teachings, offering a unique lens through which readers can explore their understanding of faith and spirituality. As the author shares their thoughts, readers are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery, finding connections between Jesus’s words and their own life experiences.

“Reflections on the Words of Jesus” catalyzes deeper contemplation and invites readers to develop a more profound relationship with God. By recognizing His presence in even the most ordinary moments, readers are encouraged to embrace a holistic perspective and discover divine guidance and inspiration in every facet of their lives.

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Growing Daily by Ray Martinez

Growing Daily

Embark on a transformative spiritual journey with “Growing Daily: Forty Days of Inspiration.” Ray Martinez, a dedicated follower of Christ, invites you to join him on a daily quest to discover something new about the Lord and His Word. Drawing upon his own life experiences, Martinez captures invaluable nuggets of wisdom that have the power to inspire and uplift.

Throughout this forty-day expedition, you will accompany Ray as he uncovers profound truths that resonate with your soul. Reflecting on the ups and downs of life, Martinez reminds us that during moments of awkwardness or feelings of abandonment, the solution lies in retreating to our Creator. By seeking Him, we discover the remedy to our challenges, finding solace in the arms of the One who designed and formed us.

As Martinez reminds us, inspiration is not confined to our own experiences; it requires us to share and transpire what we have encountered. Through this act of sharing, we encourage and stir the hearts of others, spreading the transformative power of God’s love.

In “Growing Daily,” you will also encounter the concept of mini-prayers – small yet significant utterances that can touch numerous lives. These prayers extend their tentacles into countless hearts, bringing comfort, healing, and hope to those in need.

This book is a personal devotional, encouraging you to dive deeper into your relationship with God. Utilize “Growing Daily” as a springboard for your “journal of journey,” allowing God’s profound influence to shape every aspect of your life. As you open your heart and mind to His direction, you will become a vessel He can use daily, impacting the lives of those around you.

Set aside time each day to engage with “Growing Daily: Forty Days of Inspiration” and open yourself to transformative spiritual growth. Let this book guide you on a path of self-discovery and deep connection with God as you uncover His wisdom and experience His love in new and life-changing ways.

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Saturday's Opinion by Ray Martinez

Saturday’s Opinion

Join a retired law enforcement officer on his journey as a columnist in “Reflections: A Collection of Columns.” After ending his 25-year career in law enforcement in 1997 and losing an election bid for a City Council position, he published “A Matter of Survival: Tools, Techniques, and Materials to Fight Burglary and Crime” before embarking on a new chapter as a columnist for a daily community newspaper.

This collection encompasses a variety of topics and themes, carefully chosen to spark the interest of community readers. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge of local politics, the author offers unique insights into current issues affecting citizens and elected officials within the city and the region.

Readers can also delight in columns that explore the origins of local cultural practices, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the community’s traditions. Additionally, the author’s nuanced perspective on social problems that afflict our society highlights the importance of informed discourse and active engagement.

While most of the columns address pertinent topics, some express the author’s heartfelt feelings and experiences, providing an intimate look into the personal values and beliefs that have shaped his life.

With eloquence and insightfulness, “Reflections: A Collection of Columns” offers a wide-ranging and diverse exploration of important issues through the lenses of a retired law enforcement officer’s knowledge and wisdom. Readers will appreciate the author’s perspectives and unbridled passions as he grapples with the complexities of society and culture.

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A Matter of Survival by Ray Martinez

A Matter of Survival

In a world where crime is rampant, Ray Martinez’s 25 years of law enforcement experience is invaluable to maintaining public safety and a high quality of life for all citizens. The recent kidnapping and homicide of a member of the community especially highlighted this. Martinez’s continual mayoral leadership ensures that public safety standards are upheld and safeguarded.

Martinez’s seminal work, “A Matter of Survival,” provides citizens with the necessary tools, materials, and techniques to combat burglary and crime. His work is based on his extensive experience and insights into the characteristics of the typical burglar. With this knowledge, readers can determine if their homes are safe or susceptible to burglary.

The book has practical tips and information on locks, safes, alarms, personal safety, crime prevention, and crime analysis. Martinez shares Job Aids, giving readers a step-by-step guide to securing their homes and fighting crime.

For the everyday citizen, “A Matter of Survival” offers essential tips that raise awareness about the realities of crime today. Becker Publishing Service of Fort Collins, Colorado, strongly recommends this book for personal preparedness. With this book’s wisdom, you can face a world that is taking a more violent turn with a better understanding of practical crime prevention strategies.

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Baby Boy-R by Ray Martinez

Baby Boy-R

Experience the remarkable true story of a boy’s dreams that come to fruition in “Unveiling Miracles: A Journey of Discovery.” This poignant tale follows the protagonist as he uses the investigative skills and unwavering determination acquired during his years in law enforcement to embark on a quest to find his missing heritage.

With dogged persistence, our protagonist unravels the mystery surrounding his biological mother. This leads him to unexpected places and forges lasting connections in small towns across Colorado. Along the way, he gains fresh perspectives on his life and the world around him, igniting a profound personal transformation.

This voyage’s most profound and significant outcome is the heartwarming reunion between a mother and son. Against all odds, their desire and unwavering determination challenge the narrative they were once led to believe. This extraordinary journey pieced together the fragments of an incomplete life, serving as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Within the pages of “Unveiling Miracles,” readers are treated to a captivating narrative that unveils the story of the protagonist’s emotional journey. Discover how he uncovers the truth about his biological mother and, astonishingly, connects with four sisters and a brother who were unknowingly absent from his life for over five decades.

This inspiring account offers profound insights into reuniting family members, reminding us of the potential for new and fulfilling relationships that may have once seemed improbable. Through poignant storytelling, “Unveiling Miracles” is a beacon of hope, illustrating the transformative power of love, determination, and the courage to unearth one’s true heritage.

101 Seeds by Ray Martinez

101 Seeds

Delve into a collection of profoundly moving reflections in “Seeds of Thought: Inspiring Moments for Daily Contemplation.” This publication encapsulates the heartfelt moments that have shaped and inspired the author throughout their life’s journey. Each comment and quote within these pages is a product of the author’s experiences, garnered from triumphant victories and challenging trials.

Infused with spiritual inspiration and Christian and everyday insights, this collection invites readers to pause and reflect as they encounter a thought each day. As the author shares, some of life’s most poignant moments of hurt can ultimately cultivate our greatest periods of growth, leaving an indelible impact that resonates throughout our lifetime.

The pages of “Seeds of Thought” emphasize the significance of how we acknowledge and respond to the pains that life presents. Recognizing that tough love is a universal experience that molds us permanently; the author offers a unique perspective on embracing these transformative moments to cultivate resilience and wisdom.

Pondering the thoughts, experiences, and personal anecdotes that the author shows in this book encourages readers to explore their paths to growth and self-discovery. “Seeds of Thought aims to plant the seeds of contemplation within each reader, nurturing a spirit of reflection and fostering a deeper understanding of the profound impact that life’s lessons can have.

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