Ray Martinez on his younger days

A Dedicated Community Advocate in Fort Collins, CO

Ray Martinez, a native of Fort Collins, CO, has dedicated more than 30 years to public service in his beloved community. He founded RM Consulting to provide comprehensive business and government consulting services. With an impressive background in law enforcement, local politics, and community engagement, Ray is a community advocate in Fort Collins, CO that has left an indelible mark on its residents.

Ray’s Career

Ray’s public service began in 1974 when he joined the Fort Collins Police Department. Throughout his time as a public servant, he worked tirelessly to strengthen the bond between the police and the community, particularly the Hispanic population. His collaborations with community leaders, youth, and athletes were instrumental in fostering relationships and enhancing trust. Ray also acquired expertise in drug identification and investigation, playing a pivotal role in combatting dangerous drugs within the community.

One of the most notable events in Ray’s career was his leadership in an international terrorist investigation. This investigation, involving the attempted assassination of a Libyan student, gained attention worldwide and was documented in two published books. Ray’s commitment to public safety was further evidenced by his involvement in various public safety boards and committees, both as the Mayor of Fort Collins and as a law enforcement professional.

Ray as the Mayor of Fort Collins

Ray served as the Mayor of Fort Collins from 1999 to 2005, advocating for the community’s welfare and addressing public safety concerns. His dedication to public safety earned him prestigious positions, including Co-Chair of the Mayors and Police Chiefs Committee appointed by the United States Conference of Mayors. Additionally, he chaired the National League of Cities Steering Committee for Public Safety and Crime Prevention. Mayor Ray Martinez was a White House appointee by President George W. Bush, to the ESGR under Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. Ray Martinez was appointed by the governor of Colorado for one term as a Board Trustee for Colorado Mesa University.

His Other Roles

Beyond public service, Ray actively participates in numerous local advisory boards, focusing on youth empowerment. He co-founded Neighborhoods United, an organization that directly engages with at-risk youth to provide them with positive educational and recreational experiences. Ray’s commitment to youth development also extends to his role as the Chapter Advisor for the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at Colorado State University, where he has been recognized for his outstanding guidance.

His Contributions to the Community

Ray’s contributions to the community are not limited to his law enforcement and political achievements. He has served and continues to serve on several community boards, including the American Red Cross, Larimer County Office on Aging Advisory Council, and the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado Board of Directors. Ray has been recognized numerous times for his outstanding contributions to justice and community development, receiving awards such as the Conrad L. Ball Award and the Larimer County Community Corrections Board’s “Outstanding Contribution to the Quality of Justice” award.

His Published Works

Ray is also an accomplished writer, having published fifteen books on various topics. He has been featured on National Geographic’s show “American Weed” and has hosted a talk show on a popular radio program.

His Consulting Services

Drawing from his wealth of experience, Ray provides consulting services in several fields, including business coaching, facilitation for retreats and conferences, writing and publishing, marketing and business development, public relations, political campaign advising, governmental affairs, and public speaking. You may learn more about his services through his videos.

Get in Touch With Ray

Through his unwavering commitment to public service and his dedication to the community, Ray Martinez has left an enduring legacy in Fort Collins. His tireless efforts to improve public safety, engage with youth, and advocate for community development make him a true champion for the people.

Ray Martinez can be reached at (970) 690-3686 or via email for inquiries about his published works, books, or speaking engagements.